eCampus Ontario Extend mooC

I just enrolled in the online course offered by Ontario eCampus called Extend mooC.  It consists of 6 modules, and the purpose of the course is to engage teachers to learn and explore the online technologies for the purpose of creating and managing engaging learning environments.  I enrolled in one of the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered as one of the required courses towards the Interdisciplinary Studies:  Emerging Technologies for Learning Certificate Program at the University of Manitoba.  If different types of MOOC’s were emerging at that time, this MOOC tried not to copy a regular classroom course environment that focuses on learning the content.  Its co-instructors, Stephen Downs, George Siemens, and Dave Cormier distinguished it from other MOOC’s by calling it “Connectivist MOOC.”   Or if I remember correctly, the concept of Connectivism MOOC was emerging but not yet necessarily well articulated then.

As a librarian at the university, I don’t teach one full course.  I conduct many one-shot class sessions and workshops.  I also do many one-on-one consultations with students and researchers.  Although I have been trying to integrate my sessions/instructions in the context of research projects that students are working in a given course, learning academic research and writing is a continuous challenge for many students.  And for that matter, doing research and writing is an on-going challenge for me as a professional.  Taking this course, I hope to gain many opportunities to reflect on my teaching & learning practices and to gain something that I can integrate into my future practices.


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